Your skin's enemy has met its match


We all know that ultraviolet rays wreak havoc on the skin, resulting in collagen breakdown, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and a loss of elasticity. And, as if this structural damage isn’t bad enough, unprotected UV exposure is directly linked to an increased risk of skin cancer. In fact, one third of cancers diagnosed every year are skin cancers!

Dermalogica’s Daylight Defense system has always delivered thorough protection against damaging UV rays with sophisticated formulas so elegant that they wear like moisturizers. Futhermore, the Daylight Defense formulas are packed with powerful ingredients to address specific skin needs – whether oiliness, sensitivity or skin aging.

With new research developed at The International Dermal Institute, we’re excited to announce exciting upgrades to our Daylight Defense system that allow us to deliver even more sun protection and more targeted skin care benefits, all without the chalky or greasy feel so commonly associated with sunscreen products.

micro-encapsulation deliver the ultimate defense

UV Smart Booster Technology

Research shows that antioxidant vitamins are as important as sunscreens when defending the skin from damaging UV rays and free radicals. That’s where our unique UV Smart Booster Technology comes in! These power-packed microcapsules contain antioxidant vitamins C and E, delivering them directly to the skin surface and activating when exposed to UV rays. UV-activation allows us to increase the antioxidant protection shield the moment your skin needs it most. We’ve now incorporated our UV Smart Booster Technology into all our Daylight Defense products.

Oleosome Technology

These naturally-occurring, moisturerich spheres deliver sunscreen agents directly to the skin, and release them over time for maximum protection. Oleosome encapsulation technology allows us to increase the sun protection factor (SPF) performance of a product while actually using fewer chemical sunscreens, resulting in a product that is even more wearable and even less likely to cause sensitivity. New Solar Defense Booster SPF50 and Oil Free Matte SPF30 are formulated with Oleosome Technology.