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Freeship on order 1,100,000vnđ+ more details
Freeship on order 1,100,000vnđ+ more details

Technology & Ingredients Solution to minimize 90% impact of skin aging

Do you know the 2 major causes of skin aging?

The first major cause is intrinsic factor. In other words, genetic cause. Your aging depends on the genes that you have inherited form your parents and other generations in your family. There's really nothing we can do about this. However, this intrinsic (genetic) cause only affects 10% to your aging.

The other major reason that causes the rest 90% of skin aging is exposure (to the sun & environmental pollution). In short, those have to do with the environment that you're in & also your lifestyle. With that being said, this is something that we can consciously do to protect the skin against those harmful factors. 

Below are the ingredients & technology that are proven to effectively provide protection to the skin against the Aging problem. So when looking for aging targeted SPF protection products, make sure they have the following ingredient boosters.


This wonderful technology of Oleosome has been tested both scientifically & technologically and proven to provide the highest UVA protection. Not to mention, Oleosome Technology enhance photoprotection, which is the biochemical process of skin that helps organisms cope with molecular damage caused by sunlight. The moisture-rich spheres in Oleosome Technology allow for increased SPF performance of a product while using fewer chemical sunscreens, resulting in a product that is even more wearable and even less likely to cause sensitivity.



Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin. These proteins are the foundations of your skin and are responsible for its texture, strength and resilience. Without peptides, our skin is less intact which can lead to a loss of firmness, the appearance of wrinkles, a change in texture and less ‘bounce’.

In short, peptides are an essential ingredient in the fight against ageing and should be part of your everyday arsenal - because the need for cells to behave as healthy young cells requires daily attention.



Antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals—like vitamins A, C, E. Topical Antioxidant, usually found in skincare product formulas, are substances that help protect the skin’s surface from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggressors like UV and pollution.

Antioxidants skincare helps to neutralize these free radicals to protect your skin from damage, and not just that, they also brighten your skin, calm irritation, and even out fine lines.



Hyaluronic acid is the main component of what gives your skin structure, and is responsible for that plump and hydrated look. It increases hydration in the skin, which can keep your skin looking fresh, full, and bouncy. Board-certified dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse once explains, "The collagen in our dermis forms the structure of the skin, natural hyaluronic acid is bound to collagen on one side and links to water molecules on the other, giving skin its plumpness".

Because of its ability to draw and hold water, it can be used as a humectant in your skin care regimen. As a topical product, as long as it is in the right formulation, it will make the skin appear more dewy and younger because it improves skin elasticity.


Dermalogica offers the ultimate solution booster that contains all 4 of these powerful ingredients: Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50.

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