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Should oily skin use serums? Benefits of using serums in skin care

Da dầu có nên dùng serum không? Lợi ích khi dùng serum chăm sóc da

Oily skin has its own benefits such as having a natural excess oil that protects the skin, preventing premature aging. But it also causes oily shine and breakouts. With that being said, focusing on clearing and moisturizing is not enough. However, if you're wondering if oily skin needs moisturizer, find out in this article. to overcome this drawback of oily skin, you need more boosting active ingredients. Back to the topic, it's also about incorporating serums into your skin care regimen. However, there are many mixed reviews about "Should oily skin use a serum?"

Let's find out the answer with Dermalogica.

What is serum?

Serum is a fluid with light texture and weight. It is made up of smaller molecules that can optimize the penetration of active ingredients deeply into the skin.

Serums contain a very high concentration of active ingredients which make them more effective in treating specific skincare concerns. You only need to use it for a short period of time to see visible results. However, not every serum is suitable for your skin type and skin problem. Research products carefully and wisely get advice from a doctor or skin specialist to make the right choice. Before answering the question “Should oily skin use a serum?” Let's find out the benefits from using facial serum regularly.

Benefits of using a facial serum

  • Serums have a lighter formula than moisturizers. This allows the serum to quickly penetrate the skin. The ideal time to use is after cleansing or before moisturizing.
  • Improves and soothes sensitive, acne-prone skin. 
  • Prevents crow's feet, wrinkles or fine lines. These serums often contain anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, tretinol, ...
  • Protects skin from free radicals and future damage. Serums often contain vitamin C, vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Green Tea, Resveratrol and Astaxanthin...

Should oily skin use serums?

The serum has a lightweight formula and penetrates the skin effectively. Great for normal to oily or acne-prone skin.

For oily skin, pores are often larger and prone to get clogged. Look for serums that help control excess oil, hydrate, or soothe acne-prone skin. Consult a dermatologist or skin therapist when purchasing targeted treatment products.

Serum for improving acne-prone skin

With the big question "Should oily skin use serum?" found the answer. If you have oily skin or live in a hot and humid climate. Makes your skin not as healthy as it should be. To improve acne skin with large pores or sensitive acne skin. You need to find a serum that has the feature of retaining water, balancing sebum production and nourishing the skin. It will rebalance skin cells and keep your skin healthy, elastic and prevent breakouts.

In the next session, we would like to share with you Age Bright Clearing Serum, a two-in-one brightening and clearing serum clears and helps prevent breakouts while reducing visible skin ageing. Specially formulated with AGE Bright Complex which works with the skin’s natural microbiome for clearer, brighter skin. If you have any questions, please comment below the article. Dermalogica will answer all your questions.

How long should serum be kept on oliy skin?

After answering the question "Should oily skin use serum?" In order for serums to be effective and fully penetrate into the skin, you are adviced to use need to use serum correctly as follows:

nen thoa huyet thanh sau buoc nao, nen de serum trong thoi gian bao lau
  • After cleansing, use a balancing toner.
  • Next, apply serum to the skin and gently pat it for 2 to 3 minutes before moving on to the moisturizing step. If they leave a greasy or sticky residue, the serum has not fully penetrated into the skin.
  • Finally, use a prescribed moisturizing cream or oil for enhancing protection.

You can use the serum in the morning or at night. If you use it in the morning, always wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

Serums are lightweight fluid that contains high amount of nutrients. Depending on your choice, seums can be used to nourish your skin overall or to specifically treat oily skin. You can also read about Dermalogica's anti-aging, skin whitening serum here.

Besides the question of whether oily skin should use serum, if readers have any further questions, please contact Dermalogica's Hotline. Wish you always have healthy skin without worrying about acne!

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