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Should I use activated charcoal clay cleanser every day? Discover Dermalogica's oil control cleanser for acne skin

Có nên dùng sữa rửa mặt đất sét than hoạt tính mỗi ngày? Khám phá sữa rửa mặt kiềm dầu trị mụn Dermalogica

For oily skin, easily clogged pores or acne problems. You must have tried a lot of ways to take care of it but still can't solve it completely. Perhaps you need to change a step in your overall skin care routine. In this article, Dermalogica would like to analyze and introduce to readers about an oil-control cleanser for acne. Hope you will love our content.

Why can clay be used as a skin cleansing ingredient?

Clay has the ability to absorb excess oil and wash away dirt stuck in the pores. The cleanser contains clay ingredients to remove impurities from the skin effectively.

Clay is not a new ingredient in skin care. However, the deep cleaning effect is very popular and reliable. Therefore, it is often used and prepared in different forms to improve and purify pores. Gives the appearance of a smoother surface.

In addition to clay, activated charcoal is also a useful ingredient when cleansing the skin. Is it good to combine these two ingredients in a cleanser? Can you use them every day?

Should I use a clay and activated charcoal cleanser every day?

lam sach da bang sua rua mat dat set than hoat tinh moi ngay co tot khong

When combining clay and activated charcoal in a cleanser, it will enhance the ability of oil control and treating acne. Two beautiful ingredients indispensable for acne, oily or dull skin.

Clay and activated charcoal effectively cleanse and exfoliate without irritating the skin. This duo help to purify and cleanse your skin, gentle enough for everyday use. Wondering if acne skin should use a facial cleansing device? Find out the answer here.

Back to this article, Dermalogica would like to introduce you to Active Clay Cleanser. Let's find out if this expert-grade product is worth your investment.

Find out more about Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser

Useful benefits of Active Clay Cleanser

review Active Clay Cleanser Dermalogica
  • Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser is rich in minerals combined with Activated Binchotan Charcoal to purify hair follicles.
  • Balances skin by removing dirt, excess oil and toxins.
  • Restores damage, reduces inflammation and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Protects the skin's healthy Microbiome (the skin's good bacteria) and its natural lipid barrier.

The key ingredient that brings the effectiveness of Dermalogica acne-fighting cleanser

  • Kaolin Clay and Activated Binchotan Charcoal purifies and detoxifies the skin. The ultimate duo removes all harmful agents to the skin.
  • Zinc helps regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. In addition, Zinc is also anti-inflammatory, eliminating bacteria that damage skin cells.
  • Botanical lipids and Murumuru Seed protect the natural lipid barrier. Promotes the growth of beneficial microbiome for the skin.
  • The bioflavonoid-rich complex of Citrus, Aloe and Broccoli extracts even skin tone. The complex also improves the skin's surface smoothness.

Instructions for using Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser properly

Please refer with your Dermalogica skin specialist if you would like to use Active Clay Cleanser. Because each skin will have its unique condition that requires unique care. So in this article, we only provide general instructions on how to use an oil-control cleanser to treat acne.

Take an appropriate amount of cleanser and gently mix up with water, massage evenly onto dampen face and neck. Then massage in gentle circular motions and rinse with water.

Who is suitable for Dermalogica's oil-balance and acne-fighting cleanser?

  • Oily skin and large pores
  • Skin exposed to a lot of pollution, often wearing makeup
  • Skin with congestions, white heads and blackheads
  • Oily skin should be used regularly morning and night to increase the cleaning effect.

Through the above analysis, surely readers have found the answer. Oily, dull skin or acne problems always give us a headache and take a long time to improve. FYI, you can also take a look at the review on our best-selling cleanser Special Cleansing Gel here.

Don't worry, if there's anything you're concerned about, contact your Dermalogica skin therapist. We are always ready to answer all your questions.
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