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Why pores are big? Is it possible to close or shrink our pores?

Tại sao lỗ chân lông to? Có thể đóng hoặc thu nhỏ lỗ chân lông không?

When it comes to breakouts, you might immediately think of clearing pores. However, do you know why pores are big? Is it possible to close or to shrink pores? Join Dermalogica to find out the answer in this article.

What are pores?

Skin is the largest organ of body and is covered in millions of pores, even if most of them are not visible to the human eyes. All of pores are open, allowing the skin to "breathe". Each pore contains a hair follicle and an oil gland that made an oil called sebum.

The sebaceous glands are most abundant in the pores on your face, back, chest, and groin. Hormones play a role in stimulating these oil glands. That's why facial pores, especially on the nose, forehead and cheeks, may appear larger than they do on the other areas of your body.

There are many causes of large pores. It can come from genetics, improper skin care routine or products. You need to know the cause to be able to choose the right treatment with purpose of improving or purifying the pores better. Ngoài ra, bạn có thể tìm hiểu thêm về What is a primer? How does Primer work for pores??

Why are pores so big?

There are several common causes of large pores including:

ly do lo chan long to la gi, nguyen nhan lam lo chan long to
  • High levels of sebum production
  • The elasticity around pore reduced
  • Thick hair follicles
  • Genetics or heredity
  • The collagen production decreased by aging
  • UV-induced damage or overexposure to the sun

By knowing the causes of large-looking pores, surely readers want to find ways to shrink or make pores invisible. Is it possible to close or shrink pores? Let find the answer in the content below.

Is it possible to close or shrink pores?

In adolescents, and in adults who are prone to acne, pores may become clogged, turning into blackheads or whiteheads. Aging skin containing less collagen may also make the appearance of open pores more visible.

Any skin type, whether it’s oily, normal, or dry, tend to have large, open pores. These may give your skin a dull appearance, particularly if they’re clogged with dirt, bacteria, oil, or dead skin cells. While not a bad factor, large-looking poor can be a visual issue for some people who would like to have a bright and healthy skin.

Closing the issue on the above question. Your pores can't close or get as small as you want. Pores are also unable to shrink on their own. When it comes to pore improvement. You can understand the aim is to clean up dirt and excess oil. This can make the pore look like it has shrunk or closed. This is also an explanation why large pores cannot be reduced.

Can pores be clear?

The prevalence of cosmetic products with promise of shrinking or reducing pore size is always of interest. Besides steam facials with purpose of clearing the pores facial steaming make you feel and see as if the pores are open. But in the essence this exercise is to clear away excess oil, dead skin cells and debris clogged inside.

While skin doesn’t technically breathe the way our lungs do, it does require open pores to keep you cool and to eliminate dead skin cells so that new cells can grow. So when applying measures to improve the appearance of pores, it's referring to a deep cleaning. Trong chu trình chăm sóc da và cải thiện lỗ chân lông không thể bỏ qua bước dưỡng ẩm. Vậy How to moisturize and brighten skin for tired, dull skin?? Find out right in the article.

Improve pores with 5 simple skin care steps

cham soc da thu nho lo chan long tai nha

You cannot change your genetics or your age. However, you can adopt a skin care routine to reduce the appearance of open pores. The steps include:

    1. Keep your skin clean with daily exfoliating. You can use products made for this purpose with astrigent properties. Discover more about exfoliating line.
    2. Keep your skin protected from UV rays, blue light by wearing sunscreen every day.
    3. Choose hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic products.
    4. Always moisturize your skin, regardless of skin types. It is better to choose a separate product line for your skin type to prevent from allergies and breakouts.
    5. Use anti-aging and collagen-boosting from 23 years old, which may also keeps your skin healthy and elastic. Dermalogica recommends Retinol Clearing Oil not only to improve the signs of aging. The active ingredients of the product also help eliminate acne, regenerate and soothe the skin. Discover if this solution should be incorporated to your skincare routine.
With sharing about why pores look large, you must have found the answer to your pore problem for yourself. Dermalogica hopes readers will soon have healthy, beautiful and smooth skin.
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