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we need to LOVE washing off makeup at night

Chúng ta cần YÊU THÍCH việc rửa đi lớp trang điểm vào buổi tối

No matter how many times you've been told to wash off all your makeup before bed, sometimes you just can’t seem to make it happen... We've all been there before. Even as a professional skin therapist, I admit I am fully guilty of having slept with a full face of makeup. And waking up the next morning to a huge zit on the side of my face (NEVER AGAIN) has forced me to realize how crucial it is to make sure it all gets properly cleansed off. Let’s talk about the icky stuff that happens to your skin when you nix removing your makeup before bedtime! 

key things to remember about leaving your makeup on:  

  1. Your Pores Will Become Clogged and You Will Breakout
  2. Your Complexion Will Appear Dull
  3. Your Skin Will Look Older 
  4. Your Skin Will Look and Feel Dry
  5. Your Skin Will Become Irritated 
  6. You Risk Eye Infection

1: your pores will become clogged and you will breakout 

During the day, your makeup acts like a magnet holding onto pollution, oils, dirt, and dead skin. Leaving all that on your face overnight is like an open invitation for bacteria, clogged pores, breakouts, and blackheads.Even if you’re someone who wears non-comedogenic makeup (we love a good comedogenic foundation), it can still clog your pores and cause acne if left on the skin overnight. If large pores are a concern of yours, sleeping in makeup certainly won’t help! Dirt/makeup left in the pores will make them more noticeable and appear instantly larger.  

2:  your complexion will appear dull 

Sleeping in makeup interferes with the natural shedding or exfoliation process of the skin. All that dirt and debris trap dead skin cells on the surface overnight, leaving skin rough, dull, and lackluster. And that can oftentimes then lead us to putting on even more makeup the next day to get that glow back with some extra bronzer or contouring. Always aim to break that cycle! 

3: your skin will look older  

At night our skin goes through a natural recovery process, working to repair itself from any damage experienced throughout the day. Not taking your makeup off will age you because makeup mixed with dirt and pollution that builds on the skin can hinder its ability to successfully renew itself at night. And this is what can causing premature aging. It can also lead to a breakdown of collagen in the skin. And when collagen is not being produced properly, your skin looses firmness and may begin aging faster than it’s supposed to.   

4:  your skin will look and feel dry 

Leftover makeup residue can prevent the absorption of skincare products by creating a barrier between your skin and any products you are putting on top of it. So that means not properly removing all your makeup prevents any beneficial ingredients in your nightly routine from penetrating the skin's surface. No one wants to waste a drop of their holy grail moisturizer they may have majorly splurged on, so always make sure your makeup is thoroughly gone before you move on to the next step of any skincare routine. 

5: your skin will become irritated

Makeup often contains ingredients that irritate the skin like dyes and perfumes. When left on the skin for long periods of time, these irritants can cause inflammation, irritation and redness. And again, that can sometimes lead to applying even more makeup the next day to cover it up.   

6: you risk eye infections 

Leaving your eye makeup on overnight can lead to eye infection and irritation. Just as bad, a stye can form from mascara clogging glands connected to your eyelashes. Your eyelids are extremely thin and sensitive, so make sure to treat them with care.

The bottom line is removing your makeup is very important. Even if you're super tired, wash your face before heading to bed — your skin will definitely thank you later. By establishing a proper cleansing routine, you will set yourself up for a fresh, supple, and smooth canvas for your makeup masterpieces into the future. If you are someone who loves a full face of makeup, double cleansing scores you a much better clean. You would be surprised at what's left on your skin even after a single cleanse... Starting off with an oil-based cleanser such as the Dermalogica Precleanse that will dissolve and melt away any trace of makeup is a great first step to a proper clean and makeup removal. Follow that up with a gentle cleanser appropriate for your skin type, and you're good to go. Our favorite is ourBreakout Clearing Foaming Wash, which is great for all skin types, even dry skin. This face wash gently washes away dirt, excess oils, and dead skin cells which cause breakouts. Don't forget to moisturize afterwards and be sure to avoid over-cleansing! Washing your skin morning and night is the perfect amount, and adding a double cleanse to your skin care routine will help keep your skin clean. If your skin is having severe reactions to makeup, even with a proper cleanse, we recommend seeking out a dermatologist and getting professional advice. 

So the next time you're feeling too lazy to wash your face before bed, think twice! 

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