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Freeship on order 1,100,000vnđ+ more details
Freeship on order 1,100,000vnđ+ more details

Change for the better

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July 24, 2021 Dermalogica Vietnam

In today’s fast-moving and challenging environment, salon businesses are facing tremendous challenges, make worst with the increasing competition, the fluctuation of the local economy and the constant evolution of consumer needs.

It's time for change!

In any business, there will come a time that you need to change to overcome the challenges and fast forward your business.

And now happens to be the crucial time for all businesses to think about changing, not slowly but urgently. The saying goes 'It is the fast fish that eats the big fish'.

How do you change?

Change doesn't on its own but by following the right business journey. Dermal•Essentials - the Skin Health Expert - being in the skin care business for the last 20 years has designed a business journey to support you for a change:

1) Providing you with a coach 

2) Updating you with Skin Industry Savvy Workshops

3) Plan the new era of service menu 

4) Bringing you the formula to Know the $ of your business

5) Planning for success with Business Setup Journey

6) Setup your business BLUEPRINT

Get started to thrive your business change towards being the most adaptable and sustainable!

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