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Freeship on order 1,100,000vnđ+ more details
Freeship on order 1,100,000vnđ+ more details

Câu chuyện về Dermal Essential (Thanh Lan LTD. Trd.)

in business since 2001

Dermal Essential was founded by a visionary and successful businesswoman with a passion for the skin care & salon business. We aim to make a difference in these industries by providing professional-grade skin care training, products and services to skin professionals and business owners.

Meet the founder of Dermal Essentials: Josephine Toh

As the founder and CEO of Dermal Essentials, Josephine Toh is one of the most recognized and respected authority on professional skin care in Vietnam. Under her leadership, Dermal Essentials has grown into one of the leading professional skin care businesses, training more than 1,000 professional skin therapists and distributing Dermalogica to over 300 businesses worldwide. country.